Personalize a piece that is sure to empower you

add your favorite mantra to any of our jewelry from engraved necklaces to dainty gold rings

Our pieces are made to last

Precious Metals

We only use 14k gold filled and sterling silver for our necklaces and rings so you can be confident wearing your jewelry 24/7.

Strong Chain

Our necklace chain may look dainty, but don't be decieved. We made sure it is strong enough to hold up to whatever your day throws your way.

The Perfect Thickness

Our pendants and rings are made from thicker guage metals for a quality you can feel.

Find a Piece That Speaks to You

Every time you catch sight of your mantra it gives you the encouragement to keep going. That seemingly small reminder, when worn, can become something you truly start to believe.

Let's talk about gift wrap ...

We've got you covered

We're all about helping you out so you can spend more time living out your mantra. That's why we've got gift wrapping covered. Go ahead, you can check one more thing off your list!

Handstamped with care

Every letter is individually hammered by Christy

Discover Your Mantra

The most common question I get asked is "I don't know what to get stamped." So often we are stuck waiting for the next big milestone in our lives to celebrate, but life happens in the everyday not in the waiting. Instead of beating ourselves up for failing at our goal yet again, picking ourselves apart in front of the mirror, or thinking everyone has life figured out except us I want to invite you into a movement where you celebrate living out your mantra and the small wins in your day.

Our Mission

I want women to know that they are worthy, that they can achieve the things they set their mind to, and that they are not alone in their struggles.

I believe it is so important to surround yourself with inspirational mantras. That seemingly small reminder, when worn, can become something you truly start to believe.

I hope that every time you catch sight of your mantra, on your wrist while typing on your laptop or on your necklace while you're brushing your teeth in front of the mirror, it gives you the encouragement you need to keep going.