Our Mission is Simple

Empower as many women to live out their mantra.



Hi there! I'm Christy, originally from the City of Oaks - better known as Raleigh, NC, and more recently a New Yorker. I'm a lover of a good cup of coffee, crisp autumn mornings, and any baked good that's fresh from the oven. I am the Owner and Founder of Once Upon a Stamp. We're a one woman show over here so I do everything from managing our social to stamping and shipping orders.

My favorite part of my job is handwriting little thank you notes to you in every order and packaging your jewelry in our pastel pink boxes. Outside the studio you can find me going on walks through Central Park, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or on the hunt for a good antique!

how it all started

At our kitchen table

Once Upon a Stamp was born when I was in eighth grade; my identical twin sister and I had the idea to start stamping jewelry and selling it on Etsy. We came up with the name at our kitchen table one evening and the rest is history!

I will never forget the excitement we had after receiving our first order. It was for 4 cuff bracelets, and we were quickly humbled when we started to stamp them.

Down to the last blank cuff, with a pile of 36 scraps, we luckily managed to stamp it without messing up. Soon with a lot of patience and practice, we got the hang of it.

Two years after we opened our shop, my sister, Sasha, stepped back to focus on her blog. She still lends a hand from time to time and is always there to support me.

The movement

Live Out Your Mantra

Inspirational mantras and verses have always been something I hold close to heart. The impact the mantra" She Believed She Could So She Did" had on me inspired the movement "Live Out Your Mantra." I repeated this mantra over and over to myself over the past 5+ years as I grew my business. It was the first mantra I stamped on a cuff for myself, and anytime I stamp it, I feel like everything comes full circle. With my firsthand experience of how much a mantra can be empowering, I want to share that with as many women as possible. And so the movement" Live Out Your Mantra" was born.