One of the most common questions I get asked is

"I don't know what to get stamped?"

So often we think if it's not a big milestone in our lives it's not worthy enough to be engraved on the jewelry we wear, but I'm here to tell you that's not true. If you're like me and struggle to live in the present, you find yourself stuck waiting for the next big milestone in your life to celebrate, but the truth is life happens in the everyday not in the waiting.

Instead of beating ourselves up for failing at that goal, picking ourselves apart in front of the mirror, or thinking everyone has life figured out except us I want to invite you into a movement where you celebrate living out your mantra and the small wins in your day. Does hearing this make you eager to start living with this new perspective? Well you're in the right place my friend. Here is how you discover your mantra by asking yourself two questions.

question #1

What is something you are lacking in your life or need more of?

It can be self confidence, patience, joy, being present, etc.

question #2

What is a step you need to take to get there or a reminder you need to hear?

It can be choosing joy in the hard moments or taking a deep breath.